I work in collaboration with my booking manager when answering emails and organizing my future clients and appointments.  Filling in the contact form me and my assistant will have a better understanding of your vision regarding your future tattoo. More information you are able to provide, easier it is for us to proceed in advising time and cost. 

Once my booking manager has all the information we both need in order to do estimations, she will forward the data package to me for review. I am always part of the booking process and will give advice on the tattoo as well as confirm the estimate given by my booking manager. If there is a consensus on the final design, pricing and timing, you will be provided with a deposit form to secure the selected date as your appointment date. I do not do in person consultations. 

You can find more information on the bottom of the page about my rates as well as working hours and breakdown on what is the difference between predawn, custom or portfolio request. 

Los Angeles, CA


Predrawn designs. All images are copyrighted to Sara Fabel and are not to be tattooed by other artists or used in other artwork / print media / shirts / other context. They are a selection of images for future clients to choose from to be tattooed by ms. Fabel. 

All predawns can be in general done in ether black and grey or illustrational single needle blackwork (as shown on the three example images). 


Description of options: CUSTOM pieces are work that Sara draws on the basis of clients specific requests (specific elements), whereas PORTFOLIO designs give artistic freedom to Sara based on VERY general likes/dislikes. 


Work hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 12 pm to 9 pm (full day sessions are 9 hrs).

Wednesday, Friday and weekend hours are available at a premium rate.



-CUSTOM pieces are work that Sara draws on the basis of clients specific requests. Prior to booking you are Wellcome to send Sara reference pictures of her existing work or inspirational photographs and designs. From these Sara will gather ideas to propose for the tattoos, which often includes a rough sketch or placeholder image to communicate shape and flow. After booking you are able to request a half way sketch which often is available few days prior to appointment date. Sara does not send fully finished designs prior to appointment date.

CUSTOM tattoo rates are the following:
-$350 an hour, or $2250 per day. Full day rates are always counted by the hour until day rate has been reached.
CUSTOM NOTES: For custom designs there is time built in for some back and forth for minor adjustments on the day of the tattoo. If any major redrawing is required the estimated tattooing time will be expanded to accommodate the required drawing time.

-PORTFOLIO and PREDRAWN designs give artistic freedom to Sara based on VERY general likes/dislikes. There are no mock ups or sketches exchanged between clients and Sara prior to tattoo day.
PORTFOLIO/PREDRAWN tattoo rates are the following:
$1750 per day 


Why are PORTFOLIO pieces cheaper? 
Portfolio pieces give the freedom of design to the artist and require the client to trust the artist more. This is a design that gives Sara freedom to express her artistic side. For portfolio pieces client can give 3 GENERAL words on what they LIKE and what they DISLIKE. For example: yes: Birds, flower, feminine / no: skulls, masculine, occultism. From here Sara will take these elements (sometimes just one, sometimes all of them) and work with them as guidance. Additionally, she may use the elements or something similar to listed elements. For these designs there is no redrawing of the design as it is a portfolio piece. Also, Sara will decide what style to use in design.

WEEKEND and "skip the line" tattoo rates are the following:
-CUSTOM 3250$ per day / PORTFOLIO 2750$ per day

These are rates for days that are Saras days off. Booking one of these days lets you skip the line and wait and get tattooed on days more convenient to you.