Sara Fabel is a Finnish model, illustrator, tattoo artist and actress currently residing in Los Angeles, California. 


Sara Fabel lived her early and late teenage years in Helsinki, Finland. Her primary education is in art education, minoring in photography and digital media. (University of Art and Design Helsinki, currently known as Aalto university / Griffith university, Brisbane Australia.) Sara worked as a primary school teacher (grades 1-9) until moving to Australia and pursuing a career as an illustrator and later transferring in to tattooing. 


Fabels career in modeling started in early 2000's, but did not receive public notice till late 2009 when she began to branch out towards alternative and more edgy audience. Sara Fabels artistic collaboration, photography and modeling has been internationally published and featured in printed as well as online media. 


2012 Sara Fabel apprenticed to become a tattoo artist in Melbourne Australia under Daniel Sharp. Since finisher her aprentership ms Fabel has focused on developing her own style taking inspiration from medieval woodcuts and victorian copper etchings. 

2014 Fabel immigrated to Los Angeles California after filming her first motion picture Anarchy parlor in Latvia. The full feature film was nominated as the opening feature at Hollywood horror film festival 2015. Since filming anarchy parlor Sara has slowly retired from modeling as well as acting focusing on her art and tattooing.




Sara fabels tattoo work is well know for it's bold lifework and fine lines. Sara uses the style os blackwork, which transfers to the usage of black ink only. All textures and appearances of shade , highlights and depth are created with rasterization, texturing, stippling or other methods suited for the particular design. 


Sara works with organic themes mixed with symbolism and geometric elements. Favorite concepts: Animals, specially birds, texture of feathers, fur, hair, skin, nails, teeth. Anatomical illustrations and textures of muscles, bone. Symbolism of the occult, religious symbolism, witchcraft. Mathematical elements and secret geometry. Large black areas and geometric elements. 

Choosing a tattoo design, size and location on the body;

As skin heals and ages it is important to remember that the tattoo will mature with the skin; Lines will soften and the blacks will fade to dark grey. This will happen to all skin types and can not be prevented with any aftercare. How the tattoo will look after healing is a combination of the tattoo, skin type and aftercare. During the tattoo process it is important for the client to stay relaxed and still to supply the tattoo artist the best possible surface to work on. Any rapid movements might affecting the artists ability to produce quality work. 


When choosing the design, giving the tattoo artist as much free room to plan out the design will ALWAYS result in a design that is going to be made by the artists best knowledge to suit the area of the body as well as making the design correspond the best to the artists own sense of aesthetics. It is important to choose an artists that sense of design is style is corresponding to the end all result you are looking for. Giving ideas and elements for the tattoo artist to use is always welcome, as well as inspiration pictures.


With choosing a size for a tattoo design, larger is often better. For larger designs the tattoo artist is able to add more detail to the designs without compromising the longdivity  of the design. This means that as the tattoo and skin ages and the lines in the tattoo naturally blur, the design will not become too unclear to "read". Larger design means that as the skin heals, there is more space for the natural "blurring" and the design will look better for longer time. There are always exception to this rule, but in general this applies to majority of tattoos. 

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The Hunt


"The warmth of your skin awakens my slumber. You are but a prey I hunt, a victim of the hunger raging within me. ...This fire that demands feeding, like a sacrifice I offer your flesh to the gods that have given me a promise of heaven and hell - within your skin I shall find my sanctuary. 


Surrounded by this darkness I hunt by mere scent, touch and taste. I have no purpose for sight, it shows me no wonders, no new kingdoms. I seek you by your heat, like a stench of sins past it lingers around me. Once so prideful and gluttonous it now stands alone, stripped naked and raw. Target of my desire; you carry no worth beyond your flesh. 


Within the battle of two dominating forces, one eventually falls to its knees; powerless and begging for forgiveness. So you crumble - My king without a crown. 


The salt gathers on your skin, like a morning mist it puddles - ripening for gathering. But the droplets of your desire aren't what I am after; they bring no satisfaction, no vision of the hell I would bring you. Within this purgatory I will burn you to your core till our desire bends to the limits where pleasure and pain do not dare to have boundaries. Only through your tears will I taste the true essence of your faith towards my quest.


Bleed for me - let the rust within your veins corrode me. 


I grant you your final request as your body presses against mine. Shall your pain be blinded by the euphoria, masked within the last grasps of your mortality. Like an animal, you have willingly walked to your slaughter, oblivious to the signs and the blood trails left behind by my psyche. So you are, truly my lamb of god, my offering, feast for the visions of eternal fires of my inferno.


I am the mouth of hell, through my teeth lays the path to your salvation." -Sara Fabel 2013